Mindful Recovery


Sexual. Drug. Alcohol. Techology.

I currently help people maintain a healthy relationship with these expressive aspects of life.

practice not powerless
humanness not diseased
skills not pills
Teaching people how to be more skillful with themselves – to stop crashing and burning, and to be a little more playful in the process, is the greatest practice I can offer. 
AIM: Moving beyond the disease model and learning to lead lives of our own choosing. 
CORE STANCE: Addiction is a learned habit (mental, physical, emotional, chemical, environmental, and all that jazz) that can be unlearned. We find value and worth in learning to be more skillful in our individual humanness.
Addiction is anything that takes us away from experiencing the reality of our lives, and we now choose to bravely show up to the beautiful mess of being human.  
Addiction includes and is not limited to: substances, behaviors, and distractions (spending, sex, food, relationships, codependency, technology/media), and mindsets (self-doubt, fantasy & negative loops). 
FOUNDATIONS of RECOVERY: Courage, honest self-confrontation (#Nofilter), respectful consumption/moderation (#soberish), minimalism, mindfulness, silence, stillness, sober realities, personal leadership, appreciative practice, service, self-respect, sexuality, body vitality, character development, practice, practice, practice – and some good old fashion direct life experience. 


 This website is designed as an educational experience. It is not therapy. The information acknowledges that while medication is a viable treatment option, it is not the only solution. Disclaimer